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Brittany Mescher Headshot
Brittany Mescher
Operations Manager

(608) 848-9050 x 229
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Brittany is the Operations Manager for FDG, handling project accounting, creating financial cash flow projections/models and coordinating financing for various projects.  She is also responsible for keeping the office running smoothly, creating and documenting processes and procedures and many other “other duties as assigned!”

Brittany’s first ever paid job was in concessions at Star Cinema and to this day, she still can’t stand the smell of movie theater popcorn or nacho cheese! But if she could have any job in the world and didn’t have to necessarily be concerned about income, she would love to own and operate an independent bookstore/coffee shop.  It would be filled with over-sized comfy chairs, a wood-burning fireplace for cold winter days, lots of happy books and smell constantly of fresh brewed coffee and muffins (and there would be a store cat who would wander around.)

Outside of work, Brittany enjoys reading, but also travelling, though with the pandemic, it’s more focused on building elaborate obstacle courses and forts for her family and finding fun ways to entertain within the boundaries of her home.  She also has a recently discovered passion for baking!


If she could go back in time or into the future, Brittany would love to live in Regency England, but only if she were part of the wealthy aristocracy and the traditions and pomp and circumstance of high society and the politeness of people back then.  And she would love to indulge herself with flourless chocolate cake with raspberry glaze as she admits she could literally eat that EVERY DAY! 


Brittany is married with a four-year-old and a baby on the way, along with two spoiled cats, Tuna and Rogelio de la Vega.

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