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The Edge offers 53 modern apartment units with a first floor of commercial leasing space and other tenant amenities as well as a rooftop terrace overlooking Lake Monona and the State Capitol Building. The modern architecture and attention to detail produce a product that will exemplify the Class A construction that downtown Madison is known for.

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The Edge, Residential Unit Kitchen Area


The Edge is a mixed-use property located in the Marquette Neighborhood and as part of the larger Central District, specifically east of the State Capitol. In recent years, this area has experienced significant investment in terms of both housing and commercial redevelopment. A mix of residents, workers, students, and visitors generates exceptional foot traffic and spending potential. As an employment center, downtown has a high share of legal, financial, hi-tech, government, and creative workers. Increasing numbers of young professionals and retirees are choosing the vitality and amenities of downtown living (Downtown Madison, Inc.).






Given the ongoing demand for housing in the Central Madison district, the consistent population growth in downtown Madison, and the vibrancy and legacy of the Williamson Street Neighborhood, market studies have outlined a high demand and average occupancy rates projected at 98% or higher for The Edge multi-family units.



The Edge, Community Room


First floor plan at The Edge
Typical residential floor plan at The Edge


  • Approximately 4,595 square feet of leasable commercial space

  • Community Room

  • Private underground parking access on north side of building

  • Covered parking and loading spaces along north side of building

  • Direct street access to Williamson Street and S. Blount Street (ADA compliant access)


  • Representative of floors 3 through 5

  • Units include large panel window exposure with views of Lake Monona

  • Central trash enclosure and storage on each floor

  • Modern architectural accents in every unit

  • Unit square footages range from 561 square feet (studio), to 1,318 square feet (two-bedroom), and 1,589 square feet (three-bedroom)

IMG_3707 EDIT.jpg

The Edge, Exterior


First floor commercial leasing space is available. For more information on available space please download the handout below:

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