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Forward Development Group, LLC was formed as a development company focused on combining the vision of responsible commercial land development with the science of today’s best development practices. With expertise in the commercial land development and construction industry that spans over 25 years, Forward Development Group prides itself on using expert analysis to build, own and manage properties. Customizing the ownership and management aspects of Forward Development Group’s communities and properties has created a platform for building long-lasting relationships with clients, tenants and partners that surpass expectations.

Forward Development Group continues to develop the best properties available in response to the rapidly changing needs of mixed-use development clientele. Forward Development Group covers the entire range of development sectors with projects ranging from: commercial land development, development of retail spaces for lease, development of hotels, development of condominiums, development of apartments, development of commercial centers, development of single family homes, development of several residential projects, and the development of office spaces.

Collectively, the executive team members of Forward Development Group offer investors, and clients alike, decades of experience with diverse backgrounds of survey and mapping, architecture, engineering, land development, strategic planning and risk management, real estate portfolios and operational planning.

Partnering with JSD Professional Services, Inc., Forward Development Group combines their expertise with professional engineers, stormwater management and water quality professionals, planners, landscape architects, land surveyors, construction managers and technicians to provide complete services for sustainable developments.

Forward Development Group provides complete services in:

  • Real Estate Development

  • Site Selection

  • Cost Evaluation

  • Conceptual Planning & Programming

  • Financial Modeling

  • Entitlements

  • Public Assistance

  • Construction Services

Construction takes place at the Kettle Park West commercial center

Construction at Kettle Park West, Fall 2016 - View of Walmart Supercenter from State Highway 138

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