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Hannah Manke Clay
Administrative Assistant

(608) 848-9050 x 235
Hannah Photo 1.jpg

As administrative assistant for FDG, Hanna Manke Clay provides administrative support to ensure the office is operating smoothly, assisting with daily tasks and working closely with the team to prepare documents, coordinate meetings and manage databases.

What was her first job ever? She did lots of babysitting/nannying but her first paid job was working for Capitol Tire in Madison as a receptionist/parts runner. When asked what Hannah would love to do if she could have any job in the world, she shared her desire for being a wedding dress consultant and owning her own dress shop since helping someone make that big decision and putting a smile on their face would be pretty great! BUT….she also said running a shelter for animals would be incredible to help animals find a home--Hannah has rescued many pets in the past!

Outside of work, she would love to travel more and brags about her wonderful trip to India in high school. Seeing the Taj Mahal as one of the wonders of the world was breathtaking, and learning about the Ganges river was incredible, as they perform two ceremonies a day: wake the river up and then later put it to bed. She shared that they went to observe the ceremony on a tiny row boat where they put the river to bed and leaned too far over, almost capsizing!

Hannah also loves BAKING! Her guilty pleasure is anything sweet--if there is candy or chocolate in the house it must be hid or it will not survive (especially Ben and Jerrys Chocolate Brownie Fudge ice cream.)

Newly married, Hannah and her husband enjoy their eight-year-old daughter and two cats named Cleo and Odin.

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