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Connor Nett is a project manager who takes the initial conceptualization of a site development and creates a buildable project. From design, entitlement, and construction, Connor leads the implementation of horizontal developments within FDG.

Connor has a Bachelor of Science degree in Landscape Architecture and even though his first job ever was working for his dad’s landscape contracting company, he shares that if he could have any job in the world and not have to be concerned about income, he would LOVE to play bar league sand volleyball as a career! Outside of work, Connor enjoys biking, hiking, and cross-country skiing. His family’s goal is to visit every national park in the country and enjoy the diversity of the landscapes. His backpacking trip in Rocky Mountain National Park was the most memorable given the challenging terrain and multi-night excursion. 

Connor has a wife and one child.


If you could build a brand-new phone app to do something helpful for you, what would it do?

Basically a dating app for financials where you enter your personal information and the app gives you the banks, investments, credit cards, etc. that best fit your needs and desires. (Someone let me know if this already exists!)

What is your guilty pleasure?

Definitely watching a favorite TV show (right now anything Disney+ Marvel) and eating chocolate chip cookies…with milk. Perfect combination!

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